Welcome to Nativity!

Dear Friends,

Well it is that dreaded day – our last day of vacation. Perhaps you know the feeling. You want vacation to last a lot longer. You don’t want to leave your friends and family with whom you have been eating amazing meals and playing cards until the wee hours of the morning. The laughter has been uncontrollable, only a few have sunburns and more pounds have been gained. To leave this beautiful Florida Gulf Coast clear water is a hard thing to do!

And yet I am so ready to come home to be with my dogs and by garden and my own bed and shower and you, my beloved church family. This too is a lovely thing, to want to come home. But it is more than that. I long to come home. And at some base level that is what we all year to do, to come home. And in that lovely story of the Prodigal Son, the father runs down the road to welcome us home. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey this week, know that you are loved by God and by this great Nativity community. Come home whenever you can and whenever you need to feel that abundant grace that God rains down upon us. Wait, I’m starting to preach. You will have to wait until Sunday to hear this one entitled Grace and Grits. Imagine that, another sermon by the Reverend T. Stewart Lucas that talks about food. Oh well, off to brunch…

But remember those who are hungry in our own neighborhood. This Sunday is the first of the month, so we bring donations of food and toiletries for the CARES food pantry. The summer months are extremely desperate in the pantry as kids are home and need lunch, and donations tend to decrease. So please be extra generous with your offerings whenever you are able to bring them to the church. Items especially in need are: tuna, peanut butter, spaghetti sauce, canned fruit, and soup. Any donation, large or small is appreciated!

In Christ’s Love,

Faithfully yours,

Reading Camp Remingtonc84692f2-7444-42e9-bf3b-78d035ef11dd
Reading Camp is from August 17 thru 21; 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM for struggling readers going into grades 2 thru 4. Breakfast and lunch is served, plus 2 snacks. Planning meetings are underway and already several of last year’s volunteers for teaching, aiding, meal servers, etc. are signing on for the week or for a morning or afternoon. Please contact Deacon Linda if you want to sign on.

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